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The KidsDental Experience

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Most importantly, we know kids. You don’t expect to find SuperSlide Playscapes or hand-held video games in a dentist's office, but that is exactly the point. Pediatric dentist Dr. Jeffrey Holt is changing how children experience dentistry with state-of-the-art facilities in Plano and Carrollton.

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Excited about their dental visit

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is an animated cartoon & game created by Dr. Holt to help familiarize children with each step of the dental check-up visit. Kids love following Ed the rabbit through his first dental appointment.

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What kids are saying

–Andrew, 7 –Tyler, 5 –Courtney, 6

"Plaque is like a tooth boogeyman but you can't see it."
–Andrew, 7

"I like purple snow cones best cause they're the sweetest."
–Tyler, 5

"What color will the dentist paint my teeth?"
–Courtney, 6

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